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Photo: Asger Simonsen



 OP [ɑp] danish for up adv. 1. • towards a higher position; towards a higher value, number or level


O P  is a practice working in the fields of architecture and communication founded by the architect couple Jennifer Dahm Petersen and Niels Lund Petersen, former Creative Partner and Head of Communication at BIG.

The financial crisis that followed the economic boom and the easy and fast architecture of the Zeroes left a vacuum. The  historically low activity in the commercial building industry left us time to reflect on how architecture could become part of a new artistic, social and political agenda.

The wheels are turning again, but we have entered a new epoch of global responsibility and sustainability. We have to act wiser, and we have to rethink architecture. OP is an open platform for developing new ideas and technologies to minimize the human imprint on nature at all levels

Less Material. More Meaning.